LADA 4х4: SUVs colored Camouflage will be more

A new option will be offered to fans of LADA 4x4 SUV – Camouflage body color. A car gets new combat and brutal appearance for 29 K rubles. New color highlights a classic design of LADA 4x4 and its off-road potential.

Earlier three-colored Camouflage was available only for limited anniversary batch of LADA 4x4 and now this color is available for buyers of 3-door SUVs in the trim level Luxe. These cars’ price is 534 900 rubles and with conditioner – 556 900 rubles.

It is to recap that 3-door LADA 4x4 have been produced on the new assembly line since 2017. This allowed to use quality assurance methods of the Renault-Nissan Alliance and to expand the color range added metal enamels to its lineup.

Camouflage bodies are being painted black first and then the spotted pattern of two green shades is being added. In addition, cars with alloy wheels have black disc coating combining with body color.