LADA sales rose by 22.9% in October

    28 638 LADA cars were sold in Russia in October that is by 22.9% more versus the same period of 2016. 249 845 brand cars were sold within 10 months in the Russian market that outstripped the indexes of last year by 17.2%.

    LADA Granta remains the best-selling car that holds the leading position in the Russian market within 6 years. 75 910 cars of this family were sold within 10 months; the growth is by 7.8% versus 2016.

    LADA Vesta takes the second position by popularity: the sales surpassed the mark in 61 270 cars within 10 months that is by 44.2% more versus last year.

    LADA XRAY remains the leader in the rate of growth. The sales growth of the compact city crossover amounted to 62.4% versus October, 2016 and reached 78.9% within 10 months.

    The sales in the segment of commercial vehicle are flourishing. 7 711 cars were sold within 10 months that is by 17% more versus the same period last year. LADA Largus holds the leading position that has won the title of the “Russian Car of the year” five times in a row.