LADA at the “Comtrans 2017” international show of commercial vehicles. Thinking about professionals

    LADA will take part at the “Comtrans-2017” international show for the first time, from 5 to 9 September in Moscow. On the stand of the Company are presented a novelty of this year LADA Vesta CNG and the most needed commercial cars LADA Largus, pick-up LADA 4x4 and pick-up LADA Granta, adapted for solving of different production targets.

    LADA sales at the market of commercial vehicles in Russia are being developed actively; the Company enters the TOP 3. Moreover, first time of the last 6 years sales share of the brand at the market of commercial vehicles made 8,9%, and in the segment of the corporative sales LADA made almost 18%. The first place of sold cars in the version of the commercial vehicles took LADA Largus – 41%, the second and the third share LADA Granta and LADA 4x4 – by 21% each version.

    The stand novelty will be the prospective version of LADA Vesta for corporative clients – LADA Vesta CNG, presented on the Russian market in July 2017. Dual fuel car can be drawn with gasoline and CNG. Methane usage let decrease fuel costs in three times, that especially actual for corporative vehicle. The price of LADA Vesta CNG begins from 600 900 RUR considering the state subsidy for CNG vehicles. Today the dealerships have received first dual fuel LADA for testing of potential corporative clients.

    Also four commercial LADA cars, that are popular among small and middle sized business and also state structure, are presented on the stand.

    LADA Largus, one of the most mass commercial vehicles of LADA, is presented in two trims: the cargo and passenger car and with the enlarged roof. Besides, LADA Largus was awarded the ''Car of the year'' in the class ''micro-van'' five times. LADA Largus holds the leader positions among SW cars, designed for commercial use. There is no vehicle in this class on the Russian market, compared to LADA Largus in spaciousness, functionality and reliability.

    One of the first commercial versions of LADA also is presented at the motor show - pick-up based on LADA 4x4. The wide model range of LADA is being produced today: from delivery pick-up to special vehicle for rescuers. At the ''Comtrans 2017'' is presented universal version with cargo platform. Along with other commercial versions of LADA 4x4 the pick-up was produced on the base of the half-framed scheme. The cab and welded to it frame on springs are the optimal version for cargo carriage. In comparison with the ordinary LADA 4x4 with weight-carrying capacity in 325kg the pick-up can load up to 625 kg depending on the version. Similar half-framed scheme has even one commercial version of LADA that is presented at the motor show, pick-up based on LADA Granta with insulated van and refrigerating system. The weight-carrying capacity of this car is 720kg that more by 1, 5 times then in based car version.

    We will remind, that commercial cars LADA Largus, LADA Granta and LADA 4x4 can be purchased with the help of the state programs ''Own business'', ''Russian farmer'' and in leasing with the profit by 12,5%.

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