LADA Vesta SW Cross and LADA Vesta SW New philosophy of comfort and functionality

LADA discloses the interior of the new LADA Vesta SW Cross and LADA Vesta SW cars, which combine expressive design and multifunctionality. Bright and swift, these cars embody a new philosophy of comfort and functionality, complementing the model line-up of one of the most sought-after cars on the Russian market - LADA Vesta.

Interior of LADA Vesta SW Cross and LADA Vesta SW is made in a single concept with a body design and represents a real living space. Especially for Vesta SW Cross designers have created a bright orange color range for the interior design - these cheerful accents are used on the doors, dashboard and upholstered seats. A stylish backlight adorned the dashboard - the instrument cluster scales obtained an orange shaping strip.

Separate attention merits the equipment, non-available before and, as a rule, used on models of the higher class. This is the first introduced three-stage adjustment of heated front seats, a center console with an armrest and storage box, equipped with a USB port, a socket and heated rear seat buttons, a rear center armrest with cup holders.

Thanks to the use of the new concept in body design, the space above the heads of the rear passengers was increased on 2.5 cm, and the back of the rear seat folds in a ratio of 1/3 to 2/3. The luggage compartment of the car is a multifunctional space equipped with a double floor, an organizer, three nets for fixing a cargo and various niches. The volume of the luggage compartment, taking into account the niches, is 480 liters (up to the curtain shelf), including the space under the raised floor provides an 95 liters, and the volume of the trunk with the folded seats of the second row (before the window line) is 825 liters. Access to the luggage compartment is carried out using a button located on the trunk lid.

The interior of the LADA Vesta SW Cross and LADA Vesta SW demonstrates the company`s serious attitude to the study of customer preferences and the desire to create a unique car that can meet the needs of the driver and passengers in all life situations.

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Interior - perfection in details

LADA Vesta SW Cross and LADA Vesta SW harmoniously combine expressive design with spectacular interior space, bringing on a new level of comfort and functionality, not only in the LADA Vesta family, but also in its segment. As well as in the case of the body design, when working on the interior, special attention was paid to modern trends for creating a real living space that can easily be transformed depending on the needs of the driver and passengers.

The sporty silhouette, the presence of 5 doors and the high roof line at the rear of the car allowed to create an additional volume in the interior compartment (the distance from the seat to the ceiling is increased on 2.5 cm), which in turn makes the ride for the passengers on the rear row easier and more enjoyable . The spacious interior space is complemented by well thought-out ergonomics.

When working on the LADA Vesta SW Cross, the goal was to create a more sporty interior to match the exterior design. The task was solved by using bright orange color accents in the finish of the door panels and the upholstery of the seats. This approach has allowed to balance harmoniously the color concept, which emphasizes the active character of the car. For fans of tranquil solutions in the interior a finish of fashionable and at the same time a noble gray color is provided. The interior space of LADA Vesta SW inherited the color range used for the sedan.

Unique graphic solutions are applied to LADA Vesta SW Cross: orange light rings encircle the scales of the instrument cluster, still greater enhancing the vivid character of the car. To create an interesting contrast in the interior design, a black glossy finish is used on the dashboard and door handles. The cooled glove box, in volume of 14 liters, on both models has received function of smooth opening of a lid, and also the integrated internal organizer with a cup holder.

Between the front seats LADA Vesta SW Cross and LADA Vesta SW is a high console. It serves not only as an armrest for the driver and front passenger, but also provides additional storage space. At the rear part of the console is a 12-volt socket, an USB port and heated rear seat buttons. This feature on the cars of this brand appeared for the first time.

The rear row of seats is folded in a ratio of 1/3 to 2/3, providing additional functionality for the transporting of passengers and goods. Comfort for passengers on the rear seats is provided by a folding of the central armrest with two cup holders.

The luggage compartment of LADA Vesta SW Cross and LADA Vesta SW is a matter of particular interest, access to which is now provided by using a button located on the trunk lid. The height and opening angle of the lid are optimized for ease of use by people of high stature, and two handles on both sides of the inner panel make the process of closing the luggage compartment particularly convenient.

Comfort and functionality can be felt not only when you are inside the interior compartment, but also when transporting goods. Practical and roomy trunk got a double floor, which is divided into two sections, with the possibility of using the original organizer. Each of the interchangeable sections can be used individually or fixed in a vertical position, providing additional opportunities for zoning the space. If you need to increase the volume of the boot compartment, organizer boxes and floor panels can be removed. Under the second floor there is a full-size spare tire. On the plastic trim of the trunk there are hooks for fastening bags, parcels and 3 standard nets for fixing loads.

Separate attention deserves additional places for storage of various pieces of luggage, greatly increasing the functionality of the luggage compartment of LADA Vesta SW Cross and LADA Vesta SW. For example, a box for small things closed by a special lid located in the vicinity of the arch of the right wheel, or an open niche on the left side with a belt holding a 5-liter canister with liquid, next to which there is a small pocket for carrying small items. The volume of the luggage compartment, including the niche located in the right wheel arch, is 480 liters (up to the curtain shelf), including the double floor provides 95 liters of usable capacity, and the volume of the trunk with the folded seats of the second row (up to the window line) is now 825 liters.

Two light sources are integrated into the side panels of the luggage compartment under the sliding curtain, which provides comfort when used at night. If necessary, you can use a 12-volt socket on the side panel on the right.

LADA Vesta SW Cross and LADA Vesta SW like the sedan version have equipment, usually installed on cars of a higher class. They are equipped with a set of systems that support comfort and safety in all conditions. The steering column is adjustable in height and offset, and the driver`s seat is equipped with height adjustment and lumbar support, which ensures comfort for drivers of any height and proportions. The front seats heating is equipped for the first time with a three-stage heating control system, the climate control monitors the maintenance of the set temperature, the windshield heating helps to drive quickly and conveniently in the winter, and the rain and light sensors react reliably and quickly to changing weather conditions while driving.

On-board computer of LADA Vesta SW Cross and LADA Vesta SW allows you to track fuel consumption, determine the time, average speed and other indicators. On the steering wheel there are buttons for controlling the multimedia system and cruise control.

LADA Vesta SW Cross and LADA Vesta SW are a unique offer in the market and are designed to set the tone in their segment, breaking stereotypes and attracting new customers. They are meant for customers who do not want to abandon the bright design in favor of practicality; for people seeking to find the ideal vehicle for all occasions, which harmoniously reflects their desire to emphasize their individuality and at the same time helps to maintain the possibility of an active lifestyle.