LADA Vesta CNG enters the Russian market

    LADA announces start of sales of LADA Vesta CNG. First time the car was presented at Innoprom exhibition, it was also handed to the RF Ministry of Energy for pilot operation. The price of LADA Vesta CNG starts from 600,900 rubles.

    10 July 2017 LADA dealers started to take orders for a new model - LADA Vesta CNG. From 10 to 13 July 2017 international industrial exhibition in Ekaterinburg Innoprom, being a site for demonstration of priority global development trends of industry and technologies, organized a premiere presentation of the first Russian mass production vehicle with gas equipment installed in the plant - LADA Vesta CNG.

    10 July 2017 the Ministry of Energy of Russia held a session ``Popularization of gas fuel in Russian with LADA Vesta CNG``, after the meeting one of the first produced vehicles was handed for operational testing. The Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Kirill Molodtsov participated in the event. The vehicle will be operated in different modes (urban, highway, mixed cycle) during one month. Drivers will evaluate such characteristics like frequency and duration of filling, convenience of location of gas filling stations, comfort of driver and passengers during the trip. The results of testing will be used in the future activity of the Minister of Energy of Russia for the popularization of gas as motor fuel.

    LADA Vesta CNG is the first model in the brand history which has mass production mass equipment for compressed natural gas used for 1.6 l engine with manual transmission. The car can run both on petrol and on methane which is one of the most widely used fuels in Russia. Its advantages include safety, environment friendly operation and low price: with methane the fuel cost becomes 3 times lower. For safety the car is equipped with special protecting device to avoid gas explosion and uncontrolled outlet of gas in case of gas line damage.

    LADA Vesta CNG has a metal-composite 90 l tank placed in the trunk compartment. Fully filled car can run over 1000 km without refilling. Moreover, optimal location of gas equipment allowed to keep a 55 l fuel tank and full-size spare wheel. The price of LADA Vesta CNG starts from 600,900 rubles taking into account the state subsidy for gas-motor transport.

    The company plans to hand the first mass production LADA Vesta CNG for operational testing to potential fleet customers – taxi companies, large government and commercial structures.