PJSC “AVTOVAZ” held the Annual General Shareholders’ and the Board of Directors Meetings

    PJSC “AVTOVAZ” held the Company’s Annual General Shareholders Meeting in Togliatti on June 30. The Board of Directors meeting took place on the same day.

    The participants of Annual General Shareholders Meeting of PJSC “AVTOVAZ” discussed the Company’s performance in 2016, which has resulted in moderate improvements of the Company’s financial indicators. Firstly, this has happened thanks to the high share of the LADA brand in the Russian passenger car market (close to 20%) through the success of the newly launched vehicles (LADA Vesta and LADA XRAY). Then the Company benefitted from increased localization and improved industrial performance as well as more favorable FX rates.

    The Annual General Shareholders Meeting of PJSC “AVTOVAZ” has approved the Company’s 2016 Annual Report and Accounting Statement, and resolved not to pay dividends on the preferred and ordinary shares of the Company.

    The new composition of the Board of Directors of PJSC “AVTOVAZ” has been approved.

    The following persons are leaving the Company’s Board of Directors:

    ›Trevor Mann, Nissan Chief Performance Officer;

    ›Jeremie Papin, Vice President Strategy and Business Development, Groupe Renault

    ›Joseph Peter, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Nissan;

    ›Dominique Thormann, Senior Advisor, Renault-Nissan Alliance

    The following persons have been elected to the Company’s Board of Directors:

    ›Gaspar Gascon Abellan, Executive Vice President Engineering, Groupe Renault;

    ›Jose-Vicente de Los Mozos, Executive Vice-President Group Manufacturing and Logistics, Groupe Renault;

    ›Jerôme Olive, Executive Vice President Manufacturing Engineering and Supply Chain Management, Renault-Nissan Alliance;

    ›Thierry Pieton, Senior Vice President, Group Financial Control, Groupe Renault.

    The following persons continue their service in the Board of Directors of PJSC “AVTOVAZ”:

    ›Sergei Skvortsov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company;

    ›Denis Le-Vot, Senior Vice President, Chairman of Eurasia Region, Groupe Renault, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company;

    ›Vladimir Avetisyan, Deputy Chairman of the Board, UK ROSNANO;

    ›Thierry Bollore, Executive Vice President, Chief Competitive Officer, Groupe Renault;

    ›Sergei Kogogin, Chief Executive Officer of PJSC “KAMAZ”;

    ›Nicolas Maure, President of PJSC “AVTOVAZ”;

    ›Stefan Mueller, Executive Vice President, Chief Performance Officer, Groupe Renault;

    ›Andrei Sapelin, General Director, JSC “RT-Finance”;

    ›Eduard Vaino, Vice President for Government and Shareholder Relations, PJSC “AVTOVAZ”.

    ›Sergei Zaitsev, Chairman Trade Union of JSC “AVTOVAZ”;

    ›Igor Zavyalov, Deputy General Director, Rostec State Corporation;

    The Board of Directors of AVTOVAZ Group has elected the Chairman and the Deputy Chairman. Sergei Skvortsov and Denis Le-Vot retained their respective positions. The schedule of the Board’s meetings in 2017, the roadmap on the development of the LADA Brand and the Company’s Engineering function, as well as the information on the Company’s financial results in 5 months of 2017 and 2017 full year forecast have been reviewed.

    The results of AVTOVAZ Group’s performance in Q1 2017 show that the Company is engaged towards the target of financial recovery in 2018 and continues reinforcing the LADA vehicles sales positions on the Russian market. The company holds 20% share of the Russian passenger car market that is being one of the strategic goals. The Company confirms its plans on reaching operating profit break-even in 2018.