LADA Vesta SW Cross and LADA Vesta SW: breaking the stereotypes

LADA extends the lineup of one of the most demanded cars on the Russian market and presents the design of the serial LADA Vesta SW Cross - the first car in its segment, which combines the expressive design, crossover features, and multifunctionality. The sales of the LADA Vesta SW Cross and the LADA Vesta SW will start in the second half of 2017.

The LADA Vesta SW Cross has inherited the main design features of its body from the Cross concept presented at Moscow Off-Road Show in 2015. The car bears the philosophy of the X-shaped design, which is being a part of the Brand’s DNA. The LADA Vesta SW Cross continues the strategy on the development of the new product on the basis of the most recent demands of potential customers. The model demonstrates LADA’s careful approach towards modern car building trends, where the cars become not only a transport means but a true living space.

According to Steve Mattin, LADA Design Director, the LADA Vesta SW Cross will become a unique offer on the market and is intended to set the tone in its segment by breaking the stereotypes and attracting new customers, who traditionally use the cars of other body types such at the hatchback and crossover.

“The LADA Vesta SW Cross is the car that goes beyond the traditional segments. The owner of such car is a person that does not want to sacrifice the bright design to the practicality, a person that strives to find the perfect cars for cars for all occasions, which harmoniously reflects his or her urge to emphasize the individuality and the possibility of the active lifestyle. LADA Vesta is more restrained in terms of design but not less memorable. It can attract more rational customers”, - Mr. Mattin emphasized.

Both LADA Vesta SW Cross and LADA Vesta SW are being an example of the Brand’s dynamic development. By opening roads to the new lifestyle and adventures, these trendsetting cars are intended to attract new customers and reinforce the strong and attractive image of LADA. Improved functionality combined with the steady and sportive look, interpreted through the genetic code of X-design creates worthy addition to the LADA Vesta lineup and lay the foundation for further development of the Brand’s portfolio.

LADA Vesta SW Cross: design features

LADA Vesta SW Cross and LADA Vesta SW are both built on the same body type, each car has its own individual design and pronounced character.

Both models look sportive. The LADA Vesta SW is dynamic and balanced at the same time, it has additional functionality thanks to the big internal volume and the fifth door. In its turn, the LADA Vesta SW Cross brings more practicality to the family through increased road clearance and body protection elements that give the model powerful and imposing look. This is being a part of the strategy to fill the LADA portfolio with the Cross lineup cars.

Both cars have a different temperament and at the same time, the cars have distinct feature of the X-language, demonstrating its transfer to the new level of original style solutions.

The front part of the LADA Vests SW bears a footprint of the brightly expressed X-graphics, while the LADA Vesta SW Cross has these graphics are accompanied by more powerful and expressive character. Dark edges of the front headlight smoothly transfer into the radiator grill and the air duct located under it thereby forming the X. The LADA Vesta SW Cross has this line running down to the lower part of the bumper. This visually makes the X-graphics in the car’s front bigger and contrasting with the color of the hood, front fenders, and bumper. The graphic solution is also underlined by the silver protective facing located in the middle which unites two chromed decorative “boomerangs”, which again show the belonging to the Brand’s DNA. The front bumper’ appearance e together with the front wheel arch pads visually makes the car bigger, giving it strong and confident look.

Sloping roofline melts into integrated rears spoiler that improves the aerodynamics and grip. The specific inclination of the glass in the car’s rear and the original C-pillars produce the optical illusion of the floating roof. The railing located on the roof makes the silhouette more sportive, LADA Vesta SW Cross has these railings painted in silver color.

The shape of the car’s C-pillar resembles the “shark fin” and makes the car’s look more fresh and unique. The edge of the C-pillars is aligned versus the inclination angle of the rear lights, while the glossy black insert separates the pillar from the roof and rear spoiler contributing to the “floating roof” idea. Such a solution serves for separation of airflows at the sides of the car and improvement of aerodynamics. Together with two-section rear lights, this solution brings an element of emotion into the car’s rear, visually making it wider and the seating more stable. The chromed doubled exhaust pipe. The “shark fin” theme is also emerging in the antenna integrated into the roof and located above the rear spoiler.

The imposing look of the LADA Vesta SW Cross is underlined by the broad wheel track and bigger tires with the discs of the original design. These disks have 5 spokes which are made in the shape of a blade with diamond-cutting along the external perimeter.

Bigger wheels and original settings of suspensions allowed to increase the road clearance of LADA Vesta SW Cross up to 203 mm - an indicator that is more common for the classic crossover segment. The road clearance of LADA Vests SW is 18 mm. Such clearance is sufficient in almost any everyday situation regardless the load of the car. Service cars will be also equipped with the external button for the opening of the trunk, lockable fuel filler flap, rear disc braking mechanisms (in some versions). The steerability of the new cars will assure the leadership of the entire LADA Vesta family in this characteristics, the bodies of new cars have been reinforced with additional elements that improve the torsional rigidity and moderately sharp steering (2.8 turns of the wheel) will grand new sensation of venturous driving.



Length 4.410 mm

Weidth 1.764 mm (without external side mirrors)

Hight 1.512 mm (with roof railings)

Wheelbase 2.635 mm

Road clearance 178 mm

Vesta SW Cross

Length 4.410 mm

Weidth 1.785 mm (without external side mirrors)

Hight 1.532 mm (with roof railings)

Wheelbase 2.635 mm

Road clearance 203 mm