AVTOVAZ increases the employees’ salary by 5%

    AVTOVAZ announces the increasing of tariff rates and salaries by 5% for PJSC AVTOVAZ employees, starting from July 1, 2017. This will not affect the top management of the Company.

    This decision was made at a meeting of the Conciliation Commission between AVTOVAZ management and representatives of the primary trade union organization.

    ''Wage indexation is part of our responsibilities and we decided to raise it by 5%, despite of a difficult economic conditions. I am confident that this decision will help our employees and their family budgets'' - PJSC AVTOVAZ President, Nicolas Maure.

    ''We find understanding with the Company`s management on all relevant issues and develop joint, concrete solutions aimed at supporting the employees of the plant. Even in such a difficult economic conditions, we were able to agree on the wages indexation for all Company personnel by 5%, which is higher than the forecasted level of inflation this year. The trade union organization intends to continue effective dialogue and strengthen the social protection of workers of the Company'' - Sergey Zaitsev, Chairman of the primary trade union organization of AVTOVAZ.