LADA Vesta CNG – serial production of dual-fuel car started

AVTOVAZ Group has started production of a dual-fuel version of LADA Vesta CNG. For the first time in the history of the brand, the dealers will get a car with the serial compressed-gas equipment designed for the use of compressed natural gas.

LADA Vesta CNG can use both gasoline and methane as fuel. Methane is the safest, environmentally friendly and inexpensive type of fuel. Its use increases the life of the engine and reduces fuel costs by more than 3 times. In addition, this gas is effectively dispersed in the atmosphere in the event of a leak, ensuring fire safety. Let’s remind that propane-butane gas, used in the outdated systems, accumulates in the place of leakage and is explosive.

In developing LADA Vesta CNG, special attention was paid to safety. A modern metal-composite gas tank is equipped with a built-in fuse and a high-speed valve, preventing tank bursting, as well as an uncontrolled gas outlet in case of damage to the gas pipeline. A 90-liter tank designed for 18 cubic meters of gas is located in the trunk behind the rear backrest. Thanks to the large volume of LADA Vesta luggage compartment (480 liters is best in class), the installation of gas equipment has had a minimal impact on the practicality of the car.

Fully fueled car is able to drive more than 1000 kilometers without refueling. In case if gas is over, engine automatically transfers to gasoline. It is also possible to change over to the fuel using the gas / gasoline switch.

The first cars LADA Vesta CNG produced in May will soon arrive for testing to potential corporate customers. We will additionally inform on the delivery of the cars to LADA network.