LADA Sport ROSNEFT: racing weekend near Smolensk

    The LADA Sport ROSNEFT team continues to participate in the Russian series of ring races - on May 27-28, the second stage of the competition took place on the ''Smolenskoye Koltso'' track.

    During the qualification and combat races in the ''Touring'' class the work on the settings of sport LADA Vesta cars was being continued. Both pilots - Cyril Ladygin and Vladimir Sheshenin - actively fought for leadership, but some issues with the settings of the equipment did not allow to unlock the full potential of Vesta racing cars. Both cars were forced to finish the race ahead of schedule. Kirill Ladygin (15th place in the first race, come off in the second race): ''Smolenskoye Koltso'' is one of the smartest tracks of the Russian series of ring races. The car was handled well: the engine, the gearbox, the braking system - nothing leaves asking the questions. The tests are needed, more tests. One thing I can say for sure: engineers will work, and by the Nizhny Novgorod stage we have planned to regain lost scores''.

    Smolensky stage was more successful for the pilots of the LADA Sport ROSNEFT team, driving LADA Vesta in the ''Super-Production'' scoring group. The Saturday race once again became a triumph for Mikhail Mityaev, who began to lead in the qualification. The second pilot Vladislav Nezvankin at the finish of the Saturday race was the 8th, which automatically allowed him to start from the first position in the Sunday race – at that his car was additionally loaded with 50 kilograms of ballast. In the Sunday race of Smolensk stage the pilots of LADA Sport ROSNEFT took 2nd and 3rd places. In general, following the results of the “Smolenskoye Koltso”, Mikhail Mityaev was able to break into the leaders of the ''Super-Production'' class. In team competition, Tolyatti team LADA Sport ROSNEFT keeps the top line of classification.

    Mikhail Mityaev (1st place in the first final, 2nd place in the second): ''I am very pleased with this weekend. We will try to improve the car for the next race in Nizhny Novgorod. My engineers and I have practice and thoughts, what is needed to be done to make LADA Vesta prove even better''.

    In the ''National'' class, LADA Sport ROSNEFT performed on two LADA Kalina cars. Pilots Vladislav Ustyugov and Yegor Sanin took the 5th and 6th lines of the final protocol, totally 28 cars were started.

    As in the first stage of the SMP RSKG, the final of the race weekend was a prize draw of the car from the team LADA Sport ROSNEFT. The owner of LADA Kalina Active Drive was a young man named Maxim Solenkov from Smolensk. Recall that until the end of the season of 2017, another 5 spectators of the Russian series of ring races will be able to go home from the track driving their LADA Kalina Drive Active car.