The Sales of LADA 4x4 “40 Anniversary” lot have started in Russia

    A new version of LADA 4x4, made in special trim, dedicated to 40th anniversary of the legendary full-drive vehicle, arrived to LADA dealers. Peculiar in LADA 4х4 «40 Anniversary» version are special exterior and interior trim, original wheel discs, specific shields with celebration symbols.

    Anniversary edition includes 3-door and 5-door LADA 4x4 cars, with maximum optionality, involving conditioner, seat heating, electric actuator and outside mirror heating. Price of 3-door LADA 4х4 «40 Anniversary» – from Rb.558 900 рублей, 5-door – from Rb.603 900.

    Some vehicle of anniversary edition – for the first time as built in plant – will be painted in camouflage by combination of three colors which are light green, dark green and black. Also available for LADA 4x4 «40 Anniversary» is the color range of beige, red “flame”, white, terracotta and gray-blue “borneo”. Celebratory LADA 4х4 cars are equipped with black cast wheels for camouflage cars and the rest of the cars have two-color silver-black discs.

    Anniversary status of car is emphasized by new upholstery colors and by the logo embroidered on rugs and put on seats upholstery.

    Anniversary lot of LADA 4х4 car is restricted to 1977 vehicles (this figure denotes the year of production start). A plate with unique serial number – from 0001 to 1977 – is fixed in each compartment.