LADA Design from 2017 till 2050 – Moscow Biennale Design

LADA design DNA and its evolution was exposed at First Moscow biennale design, taking place in Central Artist House on April 11 -16.

In preliminary exposition, the day before biennale opening, Steve Martin, Design director of PJSC “AVTOVAZ”, told about evolution of LADA style – as an example of LADA Vesta Cross station wagen and concept LADA XCODE crossover.

As genuine DNA of LADA style, they implement today «X»-graphic – emotional, contrast design, implemented already in tens of thousands of LADA vehicles, which evokes range of imitations among other vehicle brands.

The first production vehicle in new style concept was LADA Vesta sedan. Today this model is in TOP-5 of Russian car market, being evidence of success of fixed design strategy. In 2017, LADA Vesta car will be available with station wagon body – at Moscow biennale design this model is exposed in cross version. Identity of modification is – increased ground clearance and specific ground effect - for body protection during cross-country driving. Similar «crossover» modifications are introduced also to other LADA line-ups – Kalina и Largus.

Station wagon LADA Vesta Cross illustrates near-term prospect for LADA style, and concept LADA XCODE crossover makes possible for visitors of First Moscow biennale design to get a glimpse of the future. Genuine DNA style of this vehicle is distinguished by higher expressiveness, accentuation, feeling. The concept was first demonstrated at 2016 Moscow International Motor Show, and provoked interest of automotive experts, media and visitors.

One of Biennale directions is – student projects. In this scope, the project “LADA 2050 –Vision of future mobility” was presented by Moscow Technological University. The students worked at concept with support of specialists from AVTOVAZ Design studio in Moscow.

In addition to vehicles, Biennale exposition embraces various exponents of industrial design, developments of informational, graphic and fashion design.