LADA CONNECT brings together car, smart and modern lifestyle

At the Moscow International Automobile Salon (МIAS) LADA has presented perspective telematics platform LADA Connect, which allows to manage with automobile`s systems from smartphone. This unique option for automobiles is in middle price segment. Nowadays such options limitedly used in premium class cars. There is plan to release in 2017 first LADA Vesta and LADA XRAY with Connect function. According to plan this Connect function will be implanted in another car models in 2017-2018.

LADA Connect unites automobile, personal devices, infotainment and navigate services in one multimedia space, here used only protected communication channels through mobile internet. System has necessary protection from incorrect signals and such protection blocks their flowing during the car driving.

LADA Connect allows:

•Open and close automobile

•To start and stop the engine Open the trunk

•To check the status of doors and trunk (opened/closed)

•To turn on the light or sound signal (it helps to find car at the parking)

•To find current car placement at the map

•To get a notification about external influence (bump) or if the car evacuated

•To block engine start and send coordinates of car placement to police (or to LADA customer service)

•Automatically to turn on the warming up or conditioning car salon while engine starting

•To start and stop the engine according to timer and if the ambient temperature has changed

•To get information about vehicle condition and the necessity of maintenance

•To sign up for maintenance

•To diagnose car remotely

There is also provided function of analysis the style of car driving with daily information statistic about vehicle. This unique function will helps to improve the car driving skills and to get economic driving. Besides it will help to get a discount in hull insurance based on car driving analysis.

LADA Connect system suitable not only for private car owners but also it good for corporate clients. How we can see such system is ready-made solution of car park managing for small and medium business where is possible the integration with corporate systems through API and it gives perfect opportunities for the car-sharing and for another services.

In perspective during the development of LADA Connect it will be possible the integration with navigate and with infotainment services from Yandex.