LADA Vesta gets maximum score in ARCAP crash test conducted by Autoreview

LADA Vesta received a maximum 4 star rating in a crash test conducted by leading Russian automotive magazine Autoreview, gaining a 14.1 score or 4 ARCAP stars. Thereby, LADA Vesta joined the ranks of the safest cars on the Russian market.

The experts noted that cabin “cage” was left almost undeformed (door orifice reduced by 4 mm only). Displacement of steering wheel and pedals was minor. Frontal airbags and belts with pyro-pretensioners operated normally and assured reliable protection of driver and front passengers. These pyro-pretensioners are already available in basic version of the car.

Commenting on the results of the crash test, Avtoreview Chief Editor Mikhail Podorozhansky noted that while he was aware of the thorough work on LADA Vesta safety during the design phase, he was somewhat apprehensive. Four ARCAP stars were received by the car, which the Avtoreview editorial office purchased in Perm. If we talk about competitors which are made in Russia, then Vesta is toe-to-toe with the rating leaders, outmatching other popular sedans by stars” - Podorozhansky emphasized.

AVTOVAZ President Bo Inge Andersson expressed his gratitude to Autoreview for their professional testing. “We expected high results. In 2014-2015 LADA engineers made over 150 simulated and over 30 real crash tests. The maximum 4-star score demonstrates how high their competencies are. For the first time the Russian automotive industry has created a car which complies to modern safety requirements with no exceptions” - Andersson emphasized.

A reminder: the crash test was performed for, and under order from, Autoreview magazine in the laboratory of NAMI Test Center (Dmitrovsky test grounds). The LADA Vesta sedan test vehicle was purchased by Autoreview from the official LADA dealer in Perm in December 2015.

ARCAP (Autoreview Car Assessment Program) methodology provides for frontal impact at a speed of 64 km/h with 40 percent offset to a deformable barrier. LADA Vesta has become the thirty-fifth car tested within scope of the program.

Detailed analysis of crash test results will be published in the Autoreview 3rd issue, scheduled on February 8, 2016. A detailed description of ARCAP goals and methods as well as results of previous tests can be fount at