Vesta and XRAY to be ready for Euro-6

Significant changes to be made to the engine and exhaust systems of Vesta and XRAY new generation models to meet the Euro-6 ecological standard. The cars will get new program adjustments to the electronic accelerator pedal, throttle pipe, electric-powered throttle, mass airflow sensor with digital output signal, software of EMS control unit. Renewed catalyst with increased filling by precious metals to be applied. LADA engineering team will apply their best competences and use the most up-to-date world technologies to meet ecological standards and at the same time preserve engines’ output and good handling for a driver.

To remind, all LADA cars for domestic market comply with Euro-5 ecological standard. Export versions of Granta and 4x4 meet tougher Euro-6 ecological standards. Over 200 certification test on toxic levels, noise and electromagnetic compatibility has been performed to prove the compliance.