Review Vesta Cross


Sedan sporty silhouette is combined with off-road body kit and large wheels. Why does that look appealing? The true beauty is in harmony of contrasting elements.

 LADA Vesta Cross has an unquestionable functional design:
• Protective kick plates on side steps, doors and wheel arcs to keep the automobile paint intact when driving in light off-road conditions.
• Large wheels for smooth driving on uneven surfaces, and stylish combination of ‘faceted’ spokes and double-colored polished 17” wheel disc show remarkable character
of this automobile.
• Several features emphasize the dynamic design of LADA Vesta Cross: contrasting silver elements in the lower part of bumpers and dual-pipe chrome-plated exhaust



• Climate control system with temperature maintenance function: any weather is nice with LADA Vesta Cross.
• Front seats heating: 3 levels of heating for maximum comfort.
• Windscreen heating is a must for the country where the winter season lasts over 6 months.
• Electrically adjusted and heated side-view mirrors are a useful option for control on the road.
• Rain and light sensors: flexibility is a must in changing conditions.
• Cruise control system with speed limiter for safe driving inside and outside the city.
• Rear seats heating. Comfort for our passengers is something we take care of.
• Driver’s armrest with a storage box and USB-socket for charging gadgets.
• A large spacious trunk and foldable rear seats - for those who like sport and holidays in the countryside.


Go a little further on the road and beyond - this is the philosophy of LADA Vesta Cross.

• Hood deflectors serve a good protection against mechanical damage.
• Door deflectors match the contour of the body and divert the head-on airflows and direct sun rays to make travelling with open windows more comfortable.
• Foot pads are offered in two variants - textile or polymer. Their shape has been designed to match LADA Vesta Cross interior dimensions and lines.
• Aerodynamic roof rails are made of high quality aluminum to provide light weight and reliability.
• Steel engine guard is a necessary element for driving in the countryside.


LADA is an new approach to what an automobile should be.
LADA Vesta - always seeking to discover the new horizons.
LADA Vesta Cross - understanding more about the automobile and the driver.
• Road clearance is 203 mm which is 150% more that with an ordinary sedan.
• Powerful suspension with active driving settings for urban roads and light off-road conditions. The gas charged shock-absorbers and reinforced springs are ready to «digest» any kind of road. They also reduce banking and heeling during high-speed maneuvering.
• The steering unit is mounted on a rigid suspension subframe for keen steerability.