Largus Cross CNG 



Review Largus Cross CNG

New energy

LADA Largus Cross CNG was created on the well-proven B0  Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance platform, which provides for the use of various power plants - this potential was laid in the process of vehicle development.

LADA Largus Cross CNG is a special bright modification of a 5-seat station wagon with improved maneuverability and a contrasting, brutal design.
Its features - increased road clearance, protective plastic lining on front and rear bumpers, wheel arches and sills, unpainted embossed bumpes, film-covered door frames, alloy wheels with a diameter of 16 inches with tires of increased dimension.

LADA Largus Cross CNG is a modification which allows to use two types of fuel: compressed natural gas (methane) and gasoline, which significantly increases the commercial efficiency of the vehicle.

Important advantages

Reasonable Savings / Economy

  • Reducing the cost of fuel by more than 60% - when working on compressed natural gas.
  • Mileage increase of a fully fueled car (more than 1000 km without refueling at an extra-urban cycle).
  • Increase of engine resource when working on natural gas.

Freedom of choice

  • The vehicle remains dual-fuel (gasoline-methane).
  • The choice of used fuel is carried out using the "gas/petrol" switch.
  • The engine is adapted to work with a dual-fuel system by installing an expander of engine control unit functions.

Complete set of documents and official warranty

  • The registration procedure for Largus CNG in the traffic police is not different from registration a gasoline engine vehicle - no need formalize re-equipping.
  • Official warranty for the car is 36 months or 100,000 km (whichever comes first).


High-quality components from well-known manufacturers are used in CNG unit. Fuel injection system uses phased fuel injection with an adjustable intake system with four gas and four petrol injectors.
In order to ensure safety, LADA Largus CNG gas unit is equipped with special valves that automatically block methane leakage in the event of an accident.
Factory set of CNG equipment is certified, fully adapted to the design of the vehicle, which ensures a high level of reliability and safety.

Green focus

When working on methane, the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere for individual components is reduced by 2-3 times.
High quality of CNG equipment allows Largus CNG to meet Euro 5+ standards.

1000 km without refueling

The engine is started with gasoline and then automatically switches to gas.
The metal composite gas tank with a volume of 90 liters can hold 22 m3 of methane under normal conditions.
When the gas is over, engine is automatically switched to gasoline (when installing CNG equipment, the regular 50-liter fuel tank is kept).