Review Granta Cross

Universal Crossover

… or station wagon crossover? It all depends on place we go today. The road to the beach is the place where the ground clearance increased up to 198 mm will play a certain role, meeting with friends is a reason to feel a gaze lingering on a stylish car. A hypermarket is a place where a practical trunk and back seat come in handy, which can be folded fully or partially. City, highway and in general any road is an environment of LADA Granta Cross, where the car shows its best characteristics. ∙ X-Style New Face: Recognizable Contrast Design of LADA Granta Cross. ∙ Plastic body kit: off-road style and extra enamel protection. ∙ Roof rails - plus to the practicality and style. ∙ New body style: aerodynamics improved by 1.5%, optimized windshield cleaning.

Comfort. Space. Attention to details

A family multi-tasking car needs a spacious cabin, a sense of air enable a space in width, in height. After all, we travel all year round, we transport a lot of things, and most importantly – people; each passenger has his own kit he takes on a trip. These are the principles used for making a compact but roomy interior of station wagon LADA Granta Cross. ∙An audio system that will help you never part with your favorite music and, if necessary, answer the call on the speakerphone ∙ Heated windscreen - a simple push of a button replaces 10 minutes of manual cleaning of an icy glass. ∙ Heated front seats. ∙ Light and rain sensor: the car responds to changing traffic conditions. ∙ Gear selector in the instrument cluster: small trick for economical driving. ∙ Climate – control: 2 degrees - this is the accuracy of automatic temperature maintenance in the cabin. ∙ Black lacquer is a trend in interior details and exterior trim elements. ∙ Instrument cluster with white backlight and contrasting orange scale: stylish and good for perception.

Style. Practicality. Quality

Foldable ignition key: a responsible approach to details. AMT sports mode: you can add a drive by simply pressing a button. Cruise control with speed limiter function: especially useful on long journeys. Practical seats with two-color upholstery and the possibility of transformation: rear seat is folded fully or in the proportion of 60/40. Setting the driver's seat height: adjustment in the range of 40 mm. Plastic body kit: resistant to scratches, fading (discoloration, ingress of gasoline. 15-inch alloy wheel disks: an impressive pattern of polished spokes. Chrome sill plate: a practical reminder that you sit in LADA Granta Cross. Niche for storing small things in the upper part of the center console.