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    Any car brand strives to develop its vehicle line in order to be up to modern challenges. The creation of LADA Granta Sport was a logical step in this direction.

    A thought-out model range: a conveyorized race car is complete.

    The owner of Granta Sport can be sure that his car will be noticed. A dynamic silhouette, a smart body style, - all of these underline the temperamental character of this low rider, and thus its driver's style. Granta Sport reflects its owner's personality.


    Granta Sport is a car that ideally reflects the desire of modern active people. Young people with positive life attitude will find it irresistible.

    It is for those who are determined to succeed in life. The world of Granta Sport is full of drive, speed, negation of clichés. It is the world of a car that makes your life richer and brighter.

    Granta Sport is the first vehicle of its kind. The race will be continued!