4x4 Urban 5 door 



Review 4x4 Urban 5 door


LADA 4x4 Urban – born to drive anywhere – across forest or along city streets. Deep snow, thick mud, stones, streams, brushwood, sand ruts
are just minor obstacles for this off-roader...With LADA 4x4 Urban you don’t have to worry about street curbs, cut off asphalt and other
“surprises” of the urban landscape. The challenging road is a way to show the best of LADA 4x4 Urban.


In fact, there is a metal base hidden under the LADA 4x4 Urban’s plastic bumper, which means that LADA 4x4 Urban is the same ultimate off-roader, but with stylish design and comfort options added.
• Upgraded chassis: improved stiffness, extended service life.
• Wheel hub bearings with no need in adjustment.
• Paint finish with cataphoretic priming brings the body’s corrosion resistance to the upper level.


Space-saving design and excellent off-road performance is something we’re looking for in the big cities.
Here we go - a special “urban” version - LADA 4x4 Urban. This off-roader now has air conditioning electric windows, body-color plastic bumpers – a stylish engineering solution to improve design and aerodynamics.
LADA 4x4 Urban stays the same 4WD vehicle with a reduction gear and inter-axle differential blocking.