The bi-fuel LADA Vesta CNG presented at St. Petersburg`s Gas Forum

    AVTOVAZ presented a bi-fuel LADA Vesta CNG on the 5-th International Gas Forum held in St. Petersburg on October, 6–9. The car demonstrates the potential of LADA engineering team to support latest governmental trends to develop CNG infrastructure in Russia.

    A possibility of using gas equipment in LADA Vesta was provided at the design stage. In particular for this purpose the car has a wide fuel filling hatch that fits both fueling holes without additional external interfaces that harm car design.

    LADA Vesta CNG was created with a special focus on safety. Composite gas tanks are equipped by integrated safety locks and high speed valves preventing the tank explosion and uncontrolled release of gas in case of gas lines damage at a road accident. Two 250-atmosphere tanks are located in the rear end of the vehicle under the trunk floor.

    The range of the fully filled car is around 1000 km without refueling. If the gas in the tanks is over the engine automatically switches to gasoline. A forced switch is also possible with gas/gasoline switch key. As estimated, the cost of 1 km of methane mileage is more than three times lower comparing to gasoline.

    After the exhibition LADA Vesta CNG will proceed with road test programs.