LADA prepared a new version of LADA Kalina Cross

    Production of cross-country LADA Kalina Cross has started. Version named Black Line is distinct by black roof, original two-color 15 inch wheel discs and two color options for seat upholstery - orange or gray. Main body color is combination of orange and white, this is to have contrast with black roof and whee arch off-road facings. Also, LADA Kalina Cross Black line is equipped with side turn signals and special vinyl pads with series logo on them.

    Price of the version is 538 K rubles for car equipped with MT and 561 K rubles for car equipped with AT.

    All LADA Kalina Cross Black Line cars will be equipped with 106 h.p. engine Version include HVAC system, two airbags, usb- and Bluetooth-compatible audio, power heating for front seats and side rear mirrors.

    As the reminder, LADA Kalina Cross entered the maker in 2014. A year and a half this version was making 10% of LADA family sales. Today cross versions made over 50% of LADA Kalina total sales.