LADA Priora: two special trims

    LADA proposes 2 new trims of LADA Priora for those who prefer formal monochrome coloring called Black Edition and White Edition. The features of these trims are 15`` wheels (for the first time in Priora models), trunk lid molding painted in body color (`Panther` or `White Cloud`) as well as black door frames, white turn signal flashers, new two-color upholstery with contrastive stitches and black glossy inserts in passenger compartment.

    The price of LADA Priora Black Edition sedan and LADA Priora White Edition sedan is 491 thousand rubles. Besides the unique coloring the trim also includes an HVAC system, front seats heating, electric drive and mirror heating as well as radio installation.

    The LADA Priora was launched in 2007. As of now more than 900 thousand vehicles of this model was assembled. In 2012 Priora was the most popular model in Russia. A lot of technical know-hows was piloted in this model: LED lenses, modernized engines, automatized mechanical transmission. Wheel bodies coloring similar to body color is a yet another innovation for LADA Priora model. Previously a batch of two-color body trim (with black roof) was produced. This approach to coloring already exists in other LADA models: in honor of 50th anniversary of AVTOVAZ limited editions of LADA Vesta and LADA XRAY with red bodies and black roofs were released.