LADA Largus has got new engine

    LADA Largus cars have got new 8-valve engine, the Russian engine 87 horse powers is applied instead of import engine 84 horse powers. Along with the increase of the power, torque also increased from 123 to 140 Nm, it improved the acceleration and power dynamics of the car. Russian engine complies with ecological norm Euro-5 and can use the gasoline with octane number 92.

    The improvement in the technical performance of the car has no impact on its price. 5-seat LADA Largus with the Russian 8-valve engine costs from 524500 rubles, 7-seat – from 590000, van – from 497500 rubles. First 500 cars with new engine have been already produced and sent to LADA dealers.

    When implemented to LADA Largus, the engine got new supports, original calibrations for domestic ECU, efficient resonator noise absorber in intake and air filter with easy maintenance. Mechanical gearbox of Alliance has the specially selected gear ratio for LADA Largus with the Russian engine.

    The analogical engine is applied in LADA cars like Granta, Kalina, Priora as well as in Datsun cars produced in Togliatti. The design peculiarities of the engine are light con-rod group, automatic tensioner of gas distribution mechanism, piston-cooling jest, metal gasket of cylinder head, catalyst converter Euro-5, electron throttle nozzle next generation. Due to these and other solutions engineers reached the high level of reliability and vibration acoustic comfort in the car.