LADA Vesta becomes a the patrol car

    December 26, 2015 two LADA Vesta converted for road police patrolling were transferred to the traffic police of Udmurtia for the test operation. The cars will be on duty in Izhevsk in the separate battalion of the road patrol service of the traffic police.

    AVTOVAZ President Bo Inge Andersson personally handed over the keys to the Interior Minister of Udmurtia Alexander Pervukhin and said: ''Before the start of serial production, LADA Vesta has passed more than two millions test kilometers on all types of roads. We have reached a very high level of reliability. I am sure that Vesta is fully adapted to the difficult working conditions in the patrol service''.

    The Minister in his turn thanked Mr Andersson for the cars and their high-quality tuning for the needs of the traffic police. He noted that LADA Vesta will satisfy patrol crews in driving characteristics, handling and safety. ''We see qualitative changes of LADA, and I`m sure that patrol Vesta will not fail,'' - said Mr. Pervukhin.

    Patrol LADA Vesta were converted directly at LADA Izhevsk production site were the cars were repainted in accordance with the regulations and got flashlights, loudspeaker and radio set.

    LADA Vesta in the Comfort trim level became the basis for patrol cars. Two airbags, ESP, ABS, hill start, heated mirrors, seats, windshield, air conditioning and other options are the base equipment.