AVTOVAZ Group starts production of LADA Vesta

    AVTOVAZ Group announces the start of serial production of LADA Vesta at LADA Izhevsk assembly site. The first production vehicle rolled off the line in the presence of the Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in Volga Federal District Mikhail Babich, Deputy Minister for industry and trade Alexander Morozov, Head of Udmurtia Alexander Soloviyov and AVTOVAZ President Bo Inge Andersson.

    A car with a Comfort version of the grey Pluton color is the first serial LADA Vesta produced. The vehicle is equipped with the LADA engine (1,6-liter, 106 hp) and Renault mechanical gearbox. The initial level of localization of the vehicle is 71%. Prices and trim levels are subjects to be declared in front of the start of sales planned for Nov, 25th, 2015.

    Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Alexander Morozov congratulated AVTOVAZ with the launch of LADA Vesta. ''This long-awaited and important event for the entire Russian industry and, of course, a real breakthrough for AVTOVAZ. Vesta has all the necessary advantages to please not only domestic but also foreign buyers. Launch of Vesta on the background of the current economic situation - this is a proof that our automobile industry does not deviate from the course of the technological development and improvement. The government for its turn will continue to support producers in an effort to produce modern and competitive products, such as the new Vesta», - added Mr. Morozov.

    President of JSC ''AVTOVAZ'' Bo Inge Andersson said that LADA Vesta is a world-class car. «Vesta is a symbol of successful future of AV. It is produced at the world class factory with the best equipment, that provides world class quality. It is being built by the staff that we trained under worlds standards who work in the perfect conditions. Vesta returns pride to LADA brand».

    LADA Vesta was created on a completely new LADA B / C platform, developed by engineers of AVTOVAZ with participation of specialists from Renault-Nissan Alliance. For the first time in the history of the LADA the distance between a concept car and a production vehicle is only 12 months.

    LADA Vesta is produced at LADA Izhevsk along with Nissan models at AIMS production line providing flexible performance and reliable quality. LADA Izhevsk has one of the world’s best paint, body, trim-and-chassis shops.

    A significant portion of components for LADA Vesta are produced in Togliatti: engines, transmissions, chassis components, parts of large and medium stamping, including faceplates. The contribution of Togliatti and Izhevsk in the price of LADA Vesta is 60% to 40% accordingly.