AVTOVAZ: quality of gear boxes is improved

    AVTOVAZ decreased noisiness of manual gearboxes by 25% having reacted this way to the customers reviews. In July 2014 the design of manual gearboxes for front-wheel drive LADA cars was modernized, and process of gears manufacturing was optimized.

    AVTOVAZ has developed a number of actions to improve vibration and acoustic comfort of LADA cars, and modernization of manual gearbox is not the only action. In the beginning of 2014 additional package of noise insulation was introduced for interior of LADA Granta and LADA Kalina. Noise level of LADA Priora was reduced as part of upgrading in autumn 2013, and new program of acoustic comfort improvement for Priora is being currently implemented; it includes 40 measures. Number of changes implemented for LADA facilitated the reduction of total customers complaints on the noise level by 10 times within the last two years.


    The main criteria for modernization of manual gearbox for front-wheel drive LADA cars was the level of comfort, perceived by customer - at the same time AVTOVAZ has set out tighter regulations than those defined by existing standards. The noise range that cause no discomfort to the driver was determined together with Alliance engineers. Expert evaluations of vehicles with modernized gearbox show that noise at rapid acceleration has decreased from 48-53 dB to 38-42 dB, and acoustical properties of transmission do not overstep ''comfort zone''.

    During modernization process team of AVTOVAZ specialists have conducted research in order to improve teeth engagement of second gear and final drive gear to ensure optimal tooth contact of gearing under load. After the best solutions for tooth profile were identified, gears production had been modernized: technologies of machining and heat treatment, as well as assembly of reducer unit of the gearbox were corrected.

    Public Relations Directorate of JSC AVTOVAZ