The president of AVTOVAZ Bo ANDERSSON introduced LADA lift back and LADA Vesta teaser in the capital of Tatarstan

    On 5 of July Kazan became a place of two premiers by AVTOVAZ. The president of the company Bo ANDERSSON introduced LADA Granta Liftback and demonstrated the image of LADA Vesta for the first time.

    The meeting at the government house of two presidents – of Tatarstan and AVTOVAZ – preceded the presentation of the Liftback. Rustam MINNIKHANOV and Bo ANDERSSON discussed the development ways of native automotive industry and the program aimed at updating of AVTOVAZ model line-up. After that the head of Tatarstan had a test-drive of the Togliatti plant innovation — LADA Granta Liftback.

    Rustm MINNIKHANOV gave a high estimation of the new model: ''Today our Russian cars do not give way to foreign. I am very glad that such a new model entered the market. It has no noise, the gears shift very clear. Good suspension, good road handling. The model has a reasonable price''.

    The Republic of Tatarstan is the biggest AVTOVAZ market in Russia. For the five months in 2014 more than 11 thousand cars were sold in this region. LADA share makes more 30% of the market. Each eight new car sold in Tatarstan is LADA Granta.

    Bo ANDERSSON in his turn noted: ''Today we introduce the car LADA Granta lift back. In the nearest future you will see several innovations from AVTOVAZ. In September 2015 we launch the new model — LADA Vesta''.

    The image of LADA Vesta was displayed the same day at Kazan for the first time. The president of AVTOVAZ introduced a teaser of the new model in the evening nearby the Kazan Kremlin.

    ''The price for LADA Vesta will start from 400 thousand rubles. With such a price we will become competitive. The vehicle is developed by AVTOVAZ experts basing on a completely new platform. This vehicle will comply with European safety standards; it will have VAZ and Renault engines. The interior will be the best one in the class and the best owning cost'', - emphasized Bo ANDERSSON.

    LADA Vesta is built basing on a new common platform LADA B developed by AVTOVAZ. The design of the car is based on a DNA of the concept-car LADA XRAY. The start of serial production of LADA Vesta sedan is planned for 25 of September 2015.