AVTOVAZ: President Bo Andersson introduced new LADA models

    Bo Andersson, President of AVTOVAZ, presented to the shareholders, members of the Company`s Board of Directors and journalists the new models - LADA Kalina Cross, LADA 4X4 Urban and LADA Largus Cross. The presentation of the new products took place July 26 as part of the Annual General Meeting of AVTOVAZ shareholders.

    The basic model of LADA Kalina Cross is a station wagon of this family. The vehicle front-end has been modified in the manner of the modern crossovers, and the whole style is associated with all-wheel drive. The increased ground clearance and protective body kit reinforce this impression. The bright trim inserts introduce novelty to the interior. LADA Kalina Cross will be produced in small volumes by pre-order. Market launch – in September this year.

    LADA 4X4 Urban is the modern development of the well-known AVTOVAZ sport-utility vehicle. The vehicle’s distinctive features are an integrated bumper, renewed front end, unique color - brown metallic ''cappuccino'', tires of increased size. The sport-utility vehicle has got a modern and comfortable interior, and additional options - air conditioner, powered/heated outer mirrors, electric window lifters. LADA 4X4 Urban will be offered for sale in October this year.

    LADA Largus Cross differs from the already known station wagon due to the more aggressive style. The newcomer is equipped with reliable unpainted bumpers, protective body kit and wheels of increased size. The interior has also been renewed. The customers will be able to order this vehicle in desired color. LADA Largus Cross will come into the market in November this year.

    Bo Andersson, President of AVTOVAZ, said at the presentation of new products: ''There are special product lines, which keep LADA positions on the market. We have made it possible to significantly improve the attractiveness of the already known vehicles without huge investments. It reveals our capabilities and tendency to change as our customers wish''.