AVTOVAZ: LADA Granta Liftback is on sales now

    The sales of theа LADA Granta Liftback will start in Russia on 15th of May. Cars can be ordered to all the LADA dealers, and the new product can be tested already today. Just before, on 14th of May, this model was launched in production at Izhevsk facilities.

    The president of JSC “AVTOVAZ” Bo ANDERSSON: «The LADA Granta Liftback’s distinctive features are in the affordable price, low cost of maintenance and easy and accessible service. The vehicle has a wide line-up of engines, and automatic transmission is offered as well. LADA Granta Liftback – has a modern style and all the merits given by the new type of body. Our team is working hard, that the quality of new LADA Granta could meet the highest standards. I am quite pleased with the result and sure that we can provide the required level of quality with a competitive price».

    The cost of LADA Granta Liftback starts from 314 K Rubles. It is a recommended retail price of the basic version of the car – «Standard». It has - 8-valve engine with the power of 87 h/p, manual gear box with a cable drive, drivers safety airbag, parking lights, combined with day-running lights, original seats with fastening points for baby seats (ISOFIX), steering column, with adjustable height, centralized locker system, audiopreparation, 14-inches stamped wheels, lokers and rear wheels aprons.

    The “Norm” version, in addition to “standard’s” options, has a steering booster, Antilock Brake System with the secondary braking system, head-rests on the back seat, original moldings on doors, painted in the color of a body, claddings on doors bars in black color, electric glass raisers on front doors, back seat with folded back rest, cabin air filter and front wheels aprons. Recommended retail price of the «norm» version starts from 346,1 K Rubles.

    The “Luxe” version will be equipped with extra sound insulation package, 16-valve 1,6l engine with the power of 106 h/p in addition to “norm” options, adjustable heights of front seats safety belts, climatic and multi-media systems, safety bag for the front passenger, outer handles on doors and mirrors, painted in the color of a body, fog lights, 15-inches casted wheel disks, front seats heating, electric window lifters on rear doors, outer mirrors with electric adjustment and heating, turn indicators integrated in mirrors and other options. Recommended retail price of the LADA Granta Liftback of the “Luxury” version with manual GB - 419,5 K rubles. There will be a version with an AT available as well. Besides the AT, such a version will hav a course stabilizing system, parktronic system, rain sensors and beam-lights sensors. Recommended retail price of LADA Granta Liftback with AT - 477,5 K rubles.

    The new model is really the logical progress of the popular LADA Granta family. There is more than 13 thousands of sedans were sold in Russia in April and more than 45,5 K – since the beginning of 2014. It is the best achievement on the Russian market. LADA Granta is a Top-sales model on the Russian market for already more than 20 months in a row.