50 000th LADA Vesta was produced at LADA

    50 000th LADA Vesta sedan has left the production line at «LADA Izhevsk plant», subsidiary of AVTOVAZ. The anniversary vehicle is the most equipped version colored with trendy color ``Blues`` (Blue metallic).

    50 000th LADA Vesta was produced a year after the start of the new model production. During this time, the vehicle became one of the most popular models at the market, and now it is on the 4th place in the all-Russian rating of sales. Winning great popularity in Russia, LADA Vesta enters the European market. As a result of 8 months of 2016 the new LADA entered the TOP-100 of the most popular vehicles in Europe, and continues to rise in this list.

    Buyers appreciated the advantages of LADA Vesta - innovative design, roomy passenger compartment, sporty handling, efficient sound insulation and a high level of equipment. Independent tests confirmed the high safety of LADA Vesta - this model for the first time in brand practice received the maximum score considering results of “Auto Review” crash test.

    JSC «AVTOVAZ» President Nicolas Maure congratulated the teams of AVTOVAZ and «LADA Izhevsk plant»: “The creators of machines from Togliatti and Izhevsk – is one family. I am very pleased that our joint efforts are bearing such good results. Togliatti`s contribution to the cost of LADA Vesta reaches 60%, so we can say with confidence - today is our common holiday!``

    Managing Director of «LADA Izhevsk Automotive Plant» Mikhail Ryabov noted: «We use modern technologies for production of LADA Vesta, which are built according to standard of Renault-Nissan Alliance – at one line there are both LADA and Alliance brand vehicles produced. LADA Vesta is in great demand, that is why our conveyer line works at full capacity. At that, we improve the vehicle – lately LADA Vesta got climate system with new functionalities and side airbags. In October, there will be a new motor of 1,8 l on this car. Nearer to the end of the year, we plan to launch Exclusive version with many new options… And next year we will start production of LADA Vesta station wagon and its version of LADA Vesta SW Cross. According to surveys among potentials buyers, the Russians are awaiting our new product».

    LADA Vesta combines original technical solutions, time-tested components and assemblies, and Renault-Nissan Alliance technologies. Comfort and quality of the news brought LADA brand to a new level of competition – today Vesta fights on equal terms for attention of buyers with new foreign cars of price segment from 600 thousand rubles and higher. It is noteworthy that greater volumes of LADA Vesta sales take place in Moscow and Moscow region. 8% of LADA Vesta is sent to this region, and 5% of sedans are sold in Saint-Petersburg. More than 55% of LADA Vesta is bought under Trade-In scheme– this indirectly confirms that LADA has steadily entered new market segment.