15 000 LADA Vesta have been produced

    The 15 000th LADA Vesta was produced at LADA production site in Izhevsk on the 28th of March. The jubilee car was ''carnelian'' color (bright-red metallic), lux version with manual transmission.

    Mass production of the new model at Izhevsk plant was launched on the 25th of September 2015 and runs strictly according to the schedule. Today over 200 LADA Vesta leave the assembly line in Izhevsk every day.

    LADA Vesta sales started on November 25, 2015. For incomplete 4 months after the market launch LADA Vesta has entered ТОР-10 most popular vehicles in Russia – this is an objective evidence of success of LADA new generation. Totally for the period of official sales more than 11 thousand Vestas have found their owners.

    ''Our joint team did a huge work to industrialize LADA Vesta. The launch was performed precisely on set time, wit high quality level. Today we ramp up LADA Vesta production increasing the output considerably, - said General Director of LADA Izhevsk Mikhail Ryabov. – The team fulfills its commitments providing stable delivery for growing market demand for this model, and continuously improving quality''.

    LADA Vesta was designed on absolutely new platform LADA B/С developed by AVTOVAZ engineers in cooperation with the experts of Renault-Nissan Alliance. LADA Vesta is produced at LADA production site in Izhevsk on AIMS line – flexible line with reliable quality producing also Nissan cars.