LADA 4x4 awarded “Off-roader of 2016” title

    LADA 4x4 is recognized as the best compact cross-over of the year, car has received such title by results of voting within scope of annual professional award “Off-roader of the Year”, which is hosted by 4x4Club Magazine.

    A winner-nominee is exhibited at “the Podium of Winners of the “Off-roader of the Year” Award at Moscow International Motor Show 2016” (August 24 - September 4, Crocus-Expo)

    As the reminder, in 2017 LADA 4x4 will celebrate its 40th anniversary. As of today, there are 2 million LADA 4x4 cars produced. Through years of production, car was completely reworked, and today off-roader differs from initial modifications by higher comfort, reliability, dynamics and off-road capability. However, the renown outlook was kept and received only several new features, including changes radiator grill logo.

    A unique combination between compact size, off-road capability and affordable price secures popularity of this off-roader both in Russia and abroad. By results of July 2016, LADA 4x4 holds the 14th place in all-Russian rating of new car sales. Also, LADA 4x4 is being one of the most liquid cars of the secondary market, and the absolute leader amount off-roaders, retaining over 85% of value after three years since purchase.