LADA brought a unique exposition to MIMS 2016. LADA booth became the largest in brand’s history - 2 K sq. m, it contains maximum number of cars -19 with maximum number of concept cars - 6.

    Exposition demonstrates potential directions of LADA line-up development, new versions of popular serial models and current serial and sport modifications.

    LADA XCODE Concept

    LADA XCODE Concept is the vehicle demonstrating possible development of LADA model lineup and development of new design concept based on X-style. XCODE Concept is created according to DNA-design which has been successfully implemented in the production Vesta and XRAY.

    The concept contains a range of perspective solutions including possible application of turbo engine and all-wheel drive transmission as well as telematic platform LADA Connect, allowing to operate the vehicle systems by smart phone and in the future to use the cloud services in the car.

    Cross Concepts

    LADA Vesta Cross Concept Sedan

    Sedan as crossover – concept solution, unique not only for the Russia but also for world automotive market. The growth of the demand for cross versions together with the traditional Russian devotion to status sedans, could promote the start of the development of real original car. Sedan LADA Vesta Cross Concept is equipped with special cladding to protect body paint in light off-road. Car concept assumes increased clearance and larger wheels to improve off-road potential of LADA Vesta sedan.

    LADA XRAY Cross Concept

    LADA XRAY Cross Concept differs from the serial XRAY by increased clearance and off-road cladding. This includes claddings to door sills, wheel arches extensions, cladding to bumpers. Similar cladding to protect body pain in light off-road is used in serial Kalina Cross and Largus Cross.

    LADA Vesta SW Cross Concept

    Concept station wagon, first time demonstrated in 2015. It is the example of the development of LADA Vesta project and a vision of new LADA X-style in the format of off-road station wagon. Dynamic silhouette is combined with increased clearance and extended cladding made of unpainted plastic. Along with X-style stampings on body sides, off-road claddings make the car look sporty, muscular and proportional. It is remarkable that concept station wagon shares rear lights with sedan modification.

    Sport Concepts

    LADA Vesta Sport Concept

    LADA Vesta Sport Concept demonstrates a big potential of the best-seller sedan. Body and interior of the concept are made in racing style. The car equipped with race-tuned suspension based on participation experience of LADA team in world racing competitions including WTCC. As the reminder, in June 2016 LADA Sport Rosneft team made a winning double in domestic race in Russia.

    LADA XRAY Sport Concept

    Concept car demonstrates possible development of serial LADA lineup with high-power engines and racing style. The engine of LADA XRAY SPORT Concept is based on serial 1.8 L engine currently used in LADA XRAY. Tuning and calibration of engine could improve its power from current 122 h.p. up to 145-150 h.p. Vehicle suspension was lowered and got sport tunings.

    LADA Vesta Sport Concept and LADA XRAY Sport Concept were created within common strategy of LADA sport versions, similar to currently produced Kalina Sport and Granta Sport.

    New modifications of serial LADA cars

    LADA Vesta CNG Taxi

    Perspective bi-fuel modification of LADA Vesta uses compressed natural gas (methane) and gasoline. CNG allows to reduce the fuel costs by more than 3 times. It is very important for corporate and taxi fleets, exactly for this LADA Vesta CNG was done. Methane is more environment-friendly and less explosive than propane and gasoline. Besides, natural gas increases engine durability.LADA Vesta Signature

    Extended sedan for representative functions. The key feature of the car is additional 20 cm for rear passengers. Instead of rear seat there are two comfortable chairs with arm rest in-between. LADA Vesta Signature is the car tailored to requirements of the specific customer. Optionally the car could be equipped by high-end multimedia and personalized interior.

    LADA Vesta 1.8 АМТ Exclusive

    This modification is currently undergoes production preparation Its difference is the new power train (similar to those used in LADA XRAY). 1.8 L engine LADA of 122 h.p. equipped with VVT (Variable Valve Timing) system. Car comes either with manual transmission or Automated manual transmission (АМТ) co-developed by LADA and German ZF. АМТ is calibrated to adjust to individual driving style.

    New Exclusive version is complemented by such features as Alcantara/leather seats, leather steering wheel, interior lighting for driver, front passenger legs zone and rear passengers, chrome door moldings etc.

    LADA 4x4 Pick-up Hunter

    Pickup, based on LADA 4x4 with modernized chassis and additional equipment for hunting. The car has potential for LADA 4х4 tuning under special order.

    Serial line-up is represented by such models as Vesta and XRAY, AND cars of Kalina and Largus families. Visitors can look at these cars on LADA booth, but also to test them at site near exhibition pavilion. It is worth noting that some cars are presented in their prospective versions. For example, LADA Vesta with manual transmission and 1.8 L engine, and crossover XRAY with cruise-control and function of ESC switch-off.

    Also, LADA MIMS exhibition includes sport line-up, namely Vesta WTCC Sedan and Kalina Sport, Granta Sport and Kalina NFR small-series. LADA 4x4 family is represented by two small-series versions: Marsh swamp-buggy and five-door LADA 4x4 Urban, which entered market this year.

    Motor Show will operate though August 24 - September 4 at Crocus Expo LADA booth is located in hall No.14.

    Additional info and photo on the link.