Germany saw a traditional gathering of LADA 4x4 fans

    The week before AVTOVAZ 50th Anniversary Germany saw a traditional rally of LADA 4x4 fans arranged by LADA-Niva-IG club. Around 200 crews from Germany, Belgium and Austria met in Bavarian Langenaltheim testing ground. The event also saw participation of AVTOVAZ representatives: engineers, team on LADA 4x4 retrofit and traveling extreme sports lovers Dikari that did rally to the Dyatlov Pass on two LADA 4x4 the week before the event.

    Dikari gave master class of LADA 4x4 driving and won a traditional amateur jeep trial. Also the vehicle showed its fighting spirit; at one of the track obstacles LADA 4x4 turned over but did got the finish.

    Such meeting with customers is a good occasion to get to know their wishes and feedback on new products. It was the reason to bring LADA Vesta and LADA XRAY to the German rally; these models attracted sincere interest of LADA owners and distributors. As for LADA 4x4, today it firmly keeps its niche and is a leader among SUV class vehicle on residual value preservation that is very relevant for practical European vehicle owners.