LADA – General Partner of All-Russian Running Festival Rosа Run

    LADA is the General Partner of the All-Russian Running Festival Rosa Run, which will be held from May 5 to May 8 in Sochi at «Rosa Khutor» resort. More than 2000 run amateurs will arrive from the different parts of Russia in order to rest with their families and to win the main prize –LADA XRAY crossover.

    Support of professional and amateur sports, active recreation and healthy life is one of the top priorities of LADA. Last year LADA became a partner of a variety of competitions including Festival of water sport in Kazan, competitions for applied fire-fighting sport in St. Petersburg; support for hockey and handball teams of Togliatti was provided. At running festival Rosa Run LADA provides not only a main prize but gives an example of affinity for sport: LADA team will participate in it - staff and partners of the Company. In addition several dozens of LADA cars will be used as official transport of the Festival.