LADA at GOSZAKAZ – For Transparent Public Procurement Forum and Expo

    LADA participates in GOSZAKAZ – For Transparent Public Procurement Forum and Expo. Core of exposition are LADA flagship cars Vesta and XRAY. Event will be held on march 23-15, 2016 in Moscow at VDNKH (Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy).

    Expo participants and guests may learn about new LADA Vesta and LADA XRAY models and evaluate their driving performance in a test drive. Also LADA Urban 4x4, LADA Granta liftback with automated manual transmission and LADA Largus CNG equipped with promising bi-fuel powertrain will present at the expo. Equally to gasoline, car consumes methane - a compressed natural gas which is a safe and environment-friendly fuel. Running on gas decreases fuel cost almost trice.

    LADA cars is a perfect choice for service car in government authorities and departments. This is justified by affordable price, low cost of both maintenance and spare parts, and the biggest dealer network in Russia, which includes 350 service centers. Combination of all these factors will assure reliable operation and timely service in almost anywhere in the country. To reinforce this, LADA has cars of any price segment, purpose and level of comfort, thereby allowing to build a multi-purpose fleet.

    It should be noted that LADA Vesta is already utilised by Government of the Samara Region and the Office of the Mayor of Togliatti. The fleets of each have been presented with 5 automobiles for long term use. 10 LADA Vesta cars are used by Government of the Republic of Udmurtia, in the same place 2 cars serve in Izhevsk Traffic Police Department.