AVTOVAZ raffles off 2 LADA XRAYs among participants of test-drives at dealers

    JSC “AVTOVAZ” is running the action “Meet the LADA'' in October and November 2016, winners of this action will become owners of two LADA XRAY cars. There will be other 38 awarding places available with souvenirs. All awardees and winners will get a chance to visit AVTOVAZ and meet the management of the company.

    Following steps must be fulfilled in order to take part in the action “Meet the LADA”:

    1. Registration on www.lada.ru, on the dealer’s web page (must be lada.ru domain), in a show-room or by phone at official dealers in order to pass a test-drive;

    2. Test-drive of any LADA vehicles at official dealers;

    3. Fill the application in a show-room or on the web-site www.lada.ru after you passed the test-drive.

    Future owners of LADA XRAY and awardees will be chosen randomly through an electronic selection. The winner of the first stage will be announced on November 3, 2016. The awarding event will take place on November 21, 2016 in Togliatti (moderator of the action pays all travel expenses to winners).

    The first stage of this action will take place in October, and the first LADA XRAY will be awarded. The second stage with the second LADA XRAY as a prize will take place on same conditions in November – awarding ceremony will take place on December 19.

    Please, see more detailed information on conditions of the action here.