LADA adjusts market positioning of XRAY and VESTA

    From May1, 2016 LADA adjusts market and prince positioning for specific trim-levels of Vesta and XRAY families due to inflation and changes happened in competitive environment since the beginning of 2016.

    “LADA traditionally forms over half of low-cost segment in the Russian market and we have no plans of abandoning it, - Vitaly Osipov, Acting EVP for Marketing and Sales said. - Minimal changes in recommended prices for Vesta and XRAY are due to inflation. These next generation cars expand LADA presence in more prestigious market segments. Prices for our traditional families Kalina, Granta, Largus and 4x4 remain unchanged. These cars remain the best offer in respective segment.”

    In particular, recommended price for entry-level version of Vesta Classic is 529 K rub. At the same time, Vesta will receive more affordable package Start that includes air conditioner and cooled glove box. Price of this package is reduced from 30000 rubles up 25000 Price for Comfort trim-level will make 582 K rubles, for Lux 623 K rubles, for Optima package (heated windshield and 15” alloy wheel discs) 17 000 rubles.

    Prices for LADA XRAY equipped with 1.6 L 106 h.p. Russian-made engine will remain the same (from 589 K rub). Prices for versions equipped with 1.6 L 110 h.p. Alliance-made engine will rise by 11000 rubles (from 639 K rubles), versions with 1.8 L 122 h.p. Russian-made engine by 16000 rubles (from 669 K rub.). Price for version Top has increased by 1000 rubles (from 669 K rubles), while price for Prestige package is now amount to 32000 rubles (+2000 rub.).

    “Metallic” colors for Vesta and XRAY will require additional 10 k rubles, Vesta-special Lime color will add 35 K rubles to car’s price.

    Besides, price for LADA Priora Norma trim-level equipped with HVAC will rise by 10 000 rubles.

    Prices for other LADA Priora versions will remain unchanged. Prices will remain unchanged for other LADA families as well: Kalina, Granta, Largus and 4х4.