AVTOVAZ increases salaries by 6%

    Today, June 21, 2016 AvtoVAZ held a meeting of the Conciliation Commission between the management and the representatives of the primary trade union organization. The meeting approved the decision to increase wages by 6% effective from July 1, 2016. Indexation will not involve the top-management of JSC ''AVTOVAZ''.

    JSC ''AVTOVAZ'' President Nicolas Maure stressed that in the current economic and market situation, this decision is a major step for the plant. ''Indexation of wages is part of our Collective Agreement. Today we decided to raise them by 6% from July 1st. This is more than we originally planned, but we feel the responsibility for the preservation of our collective and social stability in the city. I am confident that this solution will help our employees and support their family budget '', - said Mr. Moore.

    Chairman of the primary trade union organization of JSC ''AVTOVAZ'' Sergey Zaytsev thanked the company`s management for their constructive approach to the joint work. He noted that: ''... the company`s management, in spite of the difficult financial situation, ensured such an important decision. I thank Mr. Maure for a dialogue and I am sure that we can continue to clearly fulfill the collective agreement. ''