AVTOVAZ to get ready for the 50th Anniversary

    July 20th will see 50 years from the moment of signing of Government Decree On Construction of automobile plant in Togliatti. This date is traditionally celebrated as AVTOVAZ birthday. In honor of company`s 50th Anniversary there will be a series of events: Open House day, gala concerts, awarding of honored employees, as well as unveiling a winner of AVTOVAZ history quiz. There will be also a traditional gathering of LADA fans in Germany devoted to AVTOVAZ 50th Anniversary.

    Close to company Anniversary day all roads leading to the plant were decorated with festive billboards and flags. Anniversary symbolics were installed on plant buildings and even at Kurumoch airport. Thus, plant`s 50th Anniversary will not pass unnoticed for passengers arriving in the Samara Region.

    A special gift for LADA brand fans will be Vesta and XRAY festive edition. These anniversary vehicles are based on maximally equipped top versions models and are notable for special red and black interior trim, special wheel discs and extra badge. By AVTOVAZ Anniversary day there had been 500 vehicles of each model produced.

    AVTOVAZ Open House day will be held for all comers on Saturday, July 16th. The guests can visit engine production, stamping shop, B0 platform vehicles body-in-white shop and main assembly line. On the testing track there will be LADA vehicles test-drives arranged. At several grounds there will be organized entertainment program for grown-ups and children.

    Straight on AVTOVAZ birthday, July 20th, the ice hockey stadium Lada-Arena will see a gala night for company employees. Plant workers will be congratulated by company, municipal and regional heads. Honored workers will be presented with government awards.

    AVTOVAZ birthday will be also celebrated by LADA dealers: on July 16th with the assistance of dealer outlets various cities will see automobile parades of present-day and honored models.