LADA celebrates the 46th anniversary of producing the first vehicle

    46 years ago the history of Togliatti cars started. On April 19, 1970 first 6 cars VAZ-2101 came off the assembly line. Almost 5 million cars of the first model were sold, and over 28.5 million LADA cars have been sold to date.

    First AVTOVAZ model was based on Fiat-124 platform recognized the Car of the year in Europe in 1966. Russian engineers deeply reworked the base car. Over 800 design changes were made, as a result the consumer characteristics improved significantly including reliability, active and passive safety. Production of first Zhiguli cars became an impulse for development of industry in the whole country, defined targets in strategic industries – metallurgy, petroleum chemistry, electronics.

    VAZ-2101 turned over the Russian people`s perception of cars. Fast, manoeuvrable, comfortable and in the same time adopted to Russian conditions – this model became a desired purchase for many customers. In 2000 VAZ-2101 was called the Russian Car of the XXth century: over 80 thousand people took part in the survey held by Za rulem.

    The First Car Day is an important corporate holiday for JSC AVTOVAZ. This day is celebrated by greeting of 100 best employees, field-and-track run VAZ Mile for the length of General Assembly line (1433 m) and traditional ``subbotnik`` when the company employees can bring their children to the plant.