LADA Vesta with new 1.8 L engine is available at dealers

    LADA dealers started to receive Vesta sedans equipped with LADA 1.8 L engine (122 h.p.).

    Sales of vehicle equipped with 1.8 L engine and automated manual transmission (AMT) have started the first; price of such LADA Vesta in Comfort trip-level starts at 632 K rubles.This version is equipped with two airbags, ERA-GLONASS emergency response system, electronic stability control (ESC), hill start aid (HSA), traction control system (TCS), these features are included in basic trim of Vesta as well as A/C and audio system with Bluetooth and USB. Sales of LADA Vesta with 1.8 L engine and manual transmission will start later.

    1.8 L engine is developed and produced by AVTOVAZ and has variable valve timing system. This and other design features assure high power output, reduced fuel consumption, improved engine’s NVH performance and better reliability. New engine’s maximum torque is 170 Nm , which is the highest torque among competitors with aspirated engines. Engine is quite capable at low torque and grants vehicle with new level of dynamics: MT-equipped vehicle accelerates to 100km/h within 10.2 sec (12.1 with AMT), maximum speed is 188 km/h (186 km/h with AMT). At the same time fuel consumption per 100 km during combined driving is 7.4 L in case of MT and 7.2 L in case of ATM. New settings for automated-manual transmission have been created and clutch design has been revised during industrialization to achieve more comfortable start and gear switching.

    LADA Vesta is the result of close cooperation between LADA manufacturing sites in Togliatti and Izhevsk with 60% of added value generated in Togliatti, since this site produces engines, gearboxes, chassis and shape-forming elements of big stampings for vehicle body. As of today, there are over 50 LADA Vesta vehicles have been produced.

    It worth noting that LADA 1.8 L engine is the most recent development of AVTOVAZ and produced since 2015. The first vehicle to receive such engine was LADA XRAY. Aside from 1.8 L engine, LADA XRAY and LADA Vesta are equipped with LADA 1.6 L engine (106 h.p.).