Nicolas Maure congratulated LADA pilots with victory in Russian Racing Series and Rally Cup

    11 October. JSC “AVTOVAZ” honored LADA SPORT ROSNEFT team in its HQ building.

    Team pilot Dmitry Brain became the Champion of Russian Racing in Touring-Light class. He and his LADA Kalina NFR left no chance to competitors on Ford, Renault, Kia, Peugeot, Volkswagen brands. Other pilot Mikhail Mityaev became the Vice-Champion of Russia (awarded with bronze in 2015). In team standings, LADA SPORT ROSNEFT repeated its success of 2015 and became the Champion of Russia. DEMFI LADA SPORT won silver award in National class of the Russian Racing Series on LADA Kalina and silver award in Super-Production class on LADA Granta.

    Team Dmitry Voronov - Vasily Kritchevsky won the Russian Rally Championship in R3 class and in the Russian Cup in N1600 class. LADA Kalina NFR took them to gold positions and outrun Subaru, Honda, Mitsubishi, Ford, Renault, Skoda. Team Evgeny Sukhovenko-Yuri Kulikov won bronze award in R3 class.

    In his greetings to sportsmen, president of JSC “AVTOVAZ” Nicolas Maure said: “We are all very proud of our team, which for another time proved that sport version of LADA Kalina and LADA Granta can compete with the world brands and win“.