LADA 4х4: Chassis reliability and comfort is improved after modernization

    LADA 4х4 is now equipped with a modernized suspension – it improved comfort, Reliability and response of a vehicle.

    There is a bearing that doesn’t require regular adjustments added to front hubs. Compare to all comparable customized versions, original bearing has a longer life-time and better reliability. Application of a new bearing required modification of knuckles which improved steering response of a vehicle and, at the same time, reduced possibility of “yawing” when braking. What has, also, improved steering response of LADA 4x4 is the new gas charged shock absorbers.

    LADA is improving the comfort of the legendary off-roadster by improving driving performances: application of an independent fixation of the front axle gear has decreased the level of vibrations.

    These chassis with improved design is now available on all the trim versions of three-doors and five-doors LADA 4x4 and LADA 4x4 Urban.

    Let us remind the fact that LADA 4х4 was entitled to be the best compact all-wheel-drive car of the year – this title was given to the car according to results of the voting in scope of the Annual Professional Award “Off-roadster of the year'' organized by the “4x4Club” magazine.

    LADA 4х4 will celebrate its 40-th anniversary in 2017. More than 2 million LADA 4x4 cars have been produced by today. Since the launch times the vehicle has been fully reworked and today`s off-roadster differs from first versions with significantly better comfort, reliability, dynamics and off-road performance. But the traditional recognizable style was gently preserved, only few features added, including the new logo on a radiator grill.

    Unique combination of portability, off-road performance and affordable price gives it a high popularity inside and outside Russia. According to the data released by the “Avtostat” agency, AWD and cross-over vehicles are holding about 40% of the Russian market, and LADA 4х4 is in the ТОР-5 of most popular vehicles among buyers of this segment. And, speaking about the after-market, LADA 4х4 is the most marketable car and the absolute leader among AWD cars, because it saves 85% of its cost three years after you buy it.