President of JSC AVTOVAZ Nicolas Maure: ''We are ready to supply Astana with affordable and ecologically friendly vehicles''

    President of JSC AVTOVAZ Nicolas Maure and Head of holding company BIPEK AVTO - AZIA AVTO Anatoly Balushkin took part in the work of XIII Forum of Interregional Cooperation between Kazakhstan and Russia that took place on October 3-4 in Astana. In the course of the meeting the partners shared their plans on development of joint production projects. Thus in November this year the production of LADA Largus station wagon will be arranged at the facilities of AZIA AVTO plant in Ust-Kamenogorsk.

    LADA Largus is considered to be the best possible model to establish Astana taxi car fleet in the capital in anticipation of EXPO-2017 exhibition. Preparative activity for this event will require a considerable upgrade of city transportation system. In particular, Kazakhstan capital authorities plan to establish city taxi service that is going to meet severe requirements in terms of comfort and passenger safety. Leaders of two largest automobile companies in Russia and Kazakhstan announced their willingness to fully meet Astana demand in purchasing of up-to-date, ecologically friendly vehicles with best sale and operating costs.

    President of JSC AVTOVAZ Nicolas Maure: ''In 2017 the capital of Kazakhstan will become the first city hosting EXPO among CIS countries. About 2 million will be the guests of the worldwide exhibition. Together with our Kazakhstan partners we are ready to supply Astana with affordable ecologically friendly vehicles In November serial production of LADA Largus vehicles is to be launched at the facilities of AZIA AVTO plant in Ust-Kamenogorsk. This model holds the top position in terms of sales volume in station wagon segment in the Kazakhstan and Russian markets. The vehicle is designed on B0 platform developed by Alliance Renault-Nissan.

    It is famous for its roomy passenger compartment with capacity of up to 7 passengers and the best in its class luggage compartment. Due to launching of this model production in Ust-Kamenogorsk we will be able to offer better price. But for city taxi fleet there is another more important thing - operational, spare parts and maintenance costs. LADA Largus has the best features in this class in terms of this criterion.

    In June 2016 during the business visit of Nursultan Nazarbayev to Ust-Kamenogorsk a sample car based on LADA Largus model was demonstrated to the Head of Kazakhstan. LADA Largus assembled in Ust-Kamenogorsk promises to become the most cost effective and comfortable model for use by taxi providers in Kazakhstan.

    According to the result of 2015 AVTOVAZ confirmed its status as the most successful participant of automobile market in Kazakhstan. 28% of all passenger vehicles sold in the Republic fall to the share of its product. LADA keeps No.1 position in terms of sales volume in the Kazakhstan market. Within the year 2015 citizens of the Republic purchased 24.5 thousand vehicles of the Russian brand. According to the results of the last year aggregate sales of AVTOVAZ in the Russian market and export markets amounted to 298 thousand units.