AVTOVAZ honors champions of the Rio 2016 Olympics!

    September 7. A gala ceremony of honoring women’s handball team - the champion of the Rio 2016 Olympics took place in AVTOVAZ. As the reminder, 4 members of the Russia women’s national handball team are players of Togliatti’s LADA handball team.

    President Nicolas Maure personally congratulated hand ball payers after their visit to AVTOVAZ’ production site, which was combined with autograph- and photo-session for company’s employees. In his welcome speech he emphasized: “We are proud of your achievements. Only the strongest are capable of winning the Olympics. This hand ball victory would not be possible without our Togliatti sportswomen. Both AVTOVAZ and LADA have professional teams, strong enough to win. Competition is very harsh, but it makes us stronger. Company will continue supporting the club, so we could continue winning the top level competitions - both on the sports ground and in the automotive market”.

    After, the Olympic champions of the Rio de Janeiro: Irina Bliznova (Capitan of the Russia women’s national handball), Olga Akopyan, Daria Dmitrieva, Tatyana Erokhina left their “golden” hand prints on handball balls to perpetuate this historical event for the Russian handball. These hand prints will remain in AVTOVAZ’s “Hall of Sport Fame”

    At the end of gala ceremony, Nicolas Maure, sportswomen and trainers participated in photo session with LADA concept cars, which had arrived from Moscow International Motor Show. LADA XCODE Concept evoked the greatest interest of hand ball players. This vehicle demonstrates possible development of LADA model lineup and development of new design concept based on X-style.