Ales Bratoz is to lead AVTOVAZ’s production and supply chain

    Ales Bratoz is appointed JSC AVTOVAZ EVP for Production and Supply Chain Management. This is a new position, which is introduced in the Company to improve efficiency of management system and use of Renault-Nissan Alliance’s practices.

    Bratoz will lead the processes that are in the competences of Vice-presidents Nikolay Strokov (VP for Vehicle Production), Sergey Uryupin (VP for Autocmoponent Production), Paul Miller (VP for Supply Chain Management) and General Director of LADA-Izhevsk Plant Mikhail Ryabov.

    Bratoz is born in 1964 in Slovenia. He graduated from the University of Maribora with degree in Management in 2001. Mr. Bratoz’s professional career has been formed during 32 years in Renault Group, where in recent years he has held a position of Plant Manager of Avtoframos Plant (Moscow, 2005-2008), position of General Director of Revoz Plant (Slovenia, 2008-2013) and position of General Director of Oyak Renault (Turkey, 2008-2013). In May 2016, Mr. Bratoz was appointed as Advisor to President of JSC AVTOVAZ on Production.

    “Introduction of position of EVP for Production and Supply Chain Management will assure centralization of competencies and establishment of a common decision-making center, - said President of JSC AVTOVAZ Nicolas Maure. - Ales was successful at performing his duties at Alliance’s Plants in Slovenia and Turkey. I am sure that his experience and professionalism will assure even more efficient management in vehicles and components production processes”.