LADA Vesta is in ТОР-10 of car market

    LADA Vesta is now in TOP-10 most often bought cars in Russia. In January 2016, 1 643 Vestas were sold; each third of them was Vesta with AMT. Totally, starting from the sales launch (a little more than two months now), 4.5 thousand LADA Vesta were sold. As LADA Vesta grows more popular, so grows the number of the dealers who sell it. There were 60 such dealers in December, 145 in January, and it keeps growing.

    In January, three more LADA models entered TOP-10: Granta, Largus and 4х4. Granta kept the absolute leadership, with 7.4 thousand cars sold, thus getting it 1,5 as far as its nearest competitor.

    Russian LADA sales in January ended with 15.5 thousand cars sold. LADA share in the Russian PC market is now 19,9% (in January 2015 it was 15.7%). In the segment of cars with the price below 600 thousand RUB, LADA has taken 60% (in 2015 it was 51%).