''AVTOVAZ'': 2015 Top 10 events

    ''AVTOVAZ'' sums up the results of 2015, which was a turning point in the development of the Company and returning LADA to strong positions on the Russian market. First of all - due to start of production of a new generation vehicles bearing the brand`s new DNA. For the first time in the last decade a new Russian-made car - LADA Vesta - hit the market, and for the first time since 2004 Togliatti production site got a new LADA model - XRAY.

    A number of significant events happened with LADA in 2015. First, LADA Largus Cross start of sales in February 2015. ''We have started LADA Largus Cross project in 2014 and began the assembly of the new model only when provided the proper quality of all the components. This approach is basic to AVTOVAZ in the update of the lineup, ''- said AVTOVAZ President Bo Inge Andersson.

    In the same month, LADA Vesta and LADA XRAY were highly appreciated by the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Mr Medvedev got acquainted with the cars in the course of his working visit to Samara and emphasized the modern design and comfortable conditions for drivers and passengers.

    In April, AVTOVAZ presented a new LADA logo. LADA Vesta became the first production car carrying it. In the same month, and all the employees of the Togliatti plant along with all the whole Russia celebrated the release of the first AVTOVAZ car - VAZ-2101, which came off the assembly line 45 years ago on April 19, 1970. The debut model was the one and most popular in the country. It is symbolic that just a few days later, LADA Kalina Cross and LADA Largus won the annual national ''Car of the Year in Russia'' Contest.

    In late August, LADA Vesta Cross Concept was presented at the “Moscow Off-Road Show 2015”. «Vesta Cross Concept is the successor to the strategy of LADA to create new products aimed at the consumer queries and attraction of the clients of new generation. The concept shows the full involvement of the LADA in current and future trends and plays an important role in the ongoing development of the new corporate identity,''- said Mr. Andersson.

    September 25, AVTOVAZ started mass production of LADA Vesta at LADA Izhevsk assembly site. It is the first time in the history of the LADA that only 1 year haspassed between the demonstration of the concept and start of production. Bo Inge Andersson stressed that LADA Vesta is a world-class car. «Vesta is a symbol of successful future of AVTOVAZ. It is produced at one of the best plants in the world, equipped with the most modern equipment. It is of the world class quality. It is assembled by people that we have been trained by world standards, and we created for them best working conditions. The car returns pride in the LADA brand».

    In late October, Russian President Vladimir Putin personally tested LADA Vesta. The Head of the State drove Vesta to the venue of the final plenary session of the International Discussion Club ''Valdai'' in Krasnaya Polyana. Vladimir Putin said that he was satisfied with the new LADA model. ''Great car, easy to drive,'' – stated the President. According to him, the car ''is easy to operate the gearbox, it works good switching in the mountains.'' ''We climbed up the hill, the climb was quite difficult, the car was very soft going,'' - said the President.

    November 24 LADA announced the launch of the All-Russian sales of the flagship LADA Vesta. Thus, AVTOVAZ Group fulfilled all its commitments in a strict accordance with the production schedule.

    December 15 ''AVTOVAZ'' started mass production of LADA XRAY in Togliatti. The car was released in a strict accordance with the schedule. XRAY has become the second all-new LADA model in the last 3 months and the first new LADA car at Togliatti assembly site since 2004. This rapid upgrade of LADA lineup happens for the first time in the history of AVTOVAZ.